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Life in Camp Ritchie
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This is the story of a group of young men in World War II - many of them Jewish-German refugees. They escaped the Nazis and found a new home in America.
They knew the language and the psychology of the enemy better than anybody else. Fighting Fascism was their goal. In Camp Ritchie, Maryland they prepared for their own kind of war. [ more ]
Email form Vera Meyer concerning Camp Ritchie
If you indeed feel it might be appropriate to post the parts of my dad's autobiography which refer to Camp Ritchie on your web site, here attached are the chapters that do.
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"My Life as a Fish," by Alfred G. Meyer, © 2000. All rights reserved.
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Chapter 3 is really the only one that directly concerns the period at Camp Ritchie. It contains thirteen references to the camp.
fish203.pdf (328KB)

Chapter 4 concerns Dad's wartime experiences in Europe, and contains two belated references to Camp Ritchie.
fish204.pdf (282KB)

Chapter 5 concerns Dad's graduate studies after the war, and contains one final reference to Camp Ritchie.
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Article in the Camp Ritchie Mail by Henry Schwab, W. Hyannisport, MA
Article in The Israel Philatelist by Henry Schwab, W. Hyannisport, MA
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Old postcards from Camp Ritchie

View of Lake Royer and Camp Ritchie, Md.

Entrance of Camp Ritchie, Md.

Officer's Quarters and Club House, Camp Ritchie, Md.

General View of Camp Ritchie Military Reservation, Cascade, Md.

Camp Ritchie, Md.