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Praise for The Ritchie Boys

»It hardly seems possible, yet outstanding documentaries on World War II continue to be made. Christian Bauer’s The Ritchie Boys is one of the best.«
Kevin Thomas,
L.A. Times, Los Angeles

»Here’s a war story that even History Channel has never told. A fascinating documentary with high entertainment quotient thanks to the fact that the film’s surviving subjects prove to be some of the most articulate, not to mention wittiest, octogenarians around.«
Michael Rechtshaffen,
The Hollywood Reporter, Los Angeles

»This is a tremendous document. The Ritchie Boys fought for what they believed in with great commitment and enthusiasm. An important lesson for today, tomorrow and future generations.«
Dr. Ruth Westheimer
Media Psychologist, New York

»It’s a wonderful movie - a wondertale of a war within a war: German-Jews who fled Germany then return in American uniforms to haunt and defeat the country that rejected them so violently.«
Ambassador Alon Pinkas
Consul General of Israel, New York

»The festival’s opening night’s film, The Ritchie Boys, follows the lives of an elite group of German Jewish immigrants who formed a U.S. intelligence unit to fight the Nazis.«
Liam Lacey
The Globe and Mail, Toronto

»A work of incredible research, maturity and finesse, The Ritchie Boys is, above all, an incredible story of espionage and courage. For the first time, the surviving ’boys’ speak on camera about their rigorous intelligence training, their experiences on the frontlines and their unit’s special assignments.«
Karen Tisch
Hot Docs, Toronto

»Their efforts, which have largely gone unsung, may well have shortened World War II and saved innumerable lives on both sides. Their little-known story is told in The Ritchie Boys, an intriguing new movie, screened last month’s Hot Docs documentary film festival in Toronto.«
Sheldon Kirshner
The Canadian Jewish News, Toronto

»In never-seen archival footage, whose quality and colour are dazzling, the film tells of the adventures and success, the courage and heroism of an unlikely band of individuals brought together by their will to fight Hitler and his Nazis.«
Lucille de Saint-Andre
Echo Germanica, Toronto